Dreams are accessible and so is reality



India is a complex destination. The challenge involved in putting together an Incentive program makes it all the more rewarding for your customer, you, the invitees and obviously us.

To understand this, you must imagine yourself seated inside an Indian cinema hall. The curtains rise and boom, you have a blockbuster unfolding that will put you in a trance! You’re eyes are fixated, your jaw has dropped and you can barely say “OMG”! That’s what India will do to you.

Real life in India is like reel life. A billion actors supported by mythology, monuments, tradition, rituals, fairs, festivals, sights and sounds, holy cows, decorated elephants, crumbly old Palaces and art deco Hotels. All in your face and at once.

I can’t think of a more authentic destination. Can you?

You need four key ingredients to make a rewarding Incentive experience.
- History - Culture and Food
- Venues to deliver WOW moments!
- Stories and entertainment

Here, in India, you’ll find all four of them in abundance.
So. Whether you’re rewarding your employees, partners, or your best customers for their loyalty or competence, then India must be where you must have your next thanksgiving. And Incent will ensure, that it’s a reward of a lifetime like none other, from concept to reality.

Come experience India, with Incent.

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In India events have a very different meaning. Here, they take place 24/7 365 days of the year.

In homes, on the streets, by the banks of a river, a village council meeting or as mundane as the filming of a movie on location, a family travelling on an Indian train, all of them would qualify as incredible events!

Mahatma Gandhi launching the salt march to defy the British would qualify as an event.

My stranded car, in the depths of the Indian countryside, produced a hundred souls in no time, who all looked at the machine in bewilderment. It was not a car they had seen before in those necks of the woods. Now that was an event.

Everything is an event here and Incent has been in the event management business long before the word became fashionable.

From a humble traditional welcome ceremony, to a sit down dinner for an awards function, simply keeping you safe in the midst of four million holy men taking an auspicious dip in the Ganges or organising a rally for a bunch of Ford Mustang enthusiasts, Incent is here to deliver outstanding, and memorable events.

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The first ever meeting Incent organised was in 1990, without realising it was doing so! Well it was actually a symposium on hypertension organised by a French laboratory. There were 200+ cardiologists and hypertension specialists.

Words that we take for granted today, I heard then for the first time. Plenary, floor plans, front projection, back projection, break away, half moon seating, among other things.

The meetings industry in India has come a long way since 1990 and we have at our disposal the latest in conferencing technology to run successful and effective meetings almost anywhere in India.

But don’t limit yourself to hotels and their meeting halls, Incent has some outstanding venues– from an open air lawn, to a private hall for an audience in a palace, a garage that has an exquisite collection of vintage cars or quite simply an old art-deco theatre, even a Buddhist monastery!

It isn’t just about lumens or “lumiere du jour”, it’s about running a successful and effective meeting.

Leave it with Incent to find you the ideal venue for your next meeting.

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