Meetings by Incent

The first ever meeting incent organised was in 1990, without realising it was doing so! Well it was actually a symposium on hypertension organised by a french laboratory. There were 200+ cardiologists and hypertension specialists.

Words that we take for granted today, I heard then for the first time. Plenary, floor plans, front projection, back projection, break away, half moon seating, among other things.

The meetings industry in India has come a long way since 1990 and we have at our disposal the latest in conferencing technology to run successful and effective meetings almost anywhere in India.

But don’t limit yourself to hotels and their meeting halls, Incent has some outstanding venues– from an open air lawn, to a private hall for an audience in a palace, a garage that has an exquisite collection of vintage cars or quite simply an old art-deco theatre or even a buddhist monastery!

It isn’t just about lumens or “lumiere du jour”, it’s about running a successful and effective meeting.

Leave it with Incent to find you the ideal venue for your next meeting.


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