Incentives by Incent

India is a complex destination. the challenge involved in putting together an incentive program makes it all the more rewarding for your customer, you, the invitees and obviously us.

To understand this, you must imagine yourself seated inside an Indian cinema hall. The curtains rise and boom, you have a blockbuster unfolding that will put you in a trance! Your eyes are fixated, your jaw has dropped and you can barely say “OMG”! That’s what India will do to you.

Real life in India is like reel life. A billion actors are supported by mythology, monuments, tradition, rituals, fairs, festivals, sights and sounds, holy cows, decorated elephants, crumbly old palaces and art deco hotels. All in your face and at once.

I can’t think of a more authentic destination. Can you?

You need four key ingredients to make a rewarding incentive experience.

  • history

  • culture and food

  • venues to deliver wow moments!

  • stories and entertainment

Here, in India, you’ll find all four of them in abundance.
So, whether you’re rewarding your employees, partners, or your best customers for their loyalty or competence, then India must be the place to celebrate your next thanksgiving and Incent will ensure, that it’s a reward of a lifetime like none other, from concept to the reality.