In India events have a very different meaning. here, they take place 24/7 365 days of the year.

In homes, on the streets, by the banks of a river, a village council meeting or as mundane as the filming of a movie on location, a family travelling on an Indian train, all of them would qualify as incredible events!

Mahatma Gandhi launching the salt march to defy the British would qualify as an event.

My stranded car, in the depths of the Indian countryside, produced a hundred souls in no time, who all looked at the machine in bewilderment. It was not a car they had seen before in those necks of the woods. Now that was an event.

Everything is an event here and Incent has been in the event management business long before the word became fashionable.

From a humble traditional welcome ceremony, to a sit down dinner for an awards function, simply keeping you safe in the midst of four million holy men taking an auspicious dip in the Ganges or organising a rally for a bunch of ford mustang enthusiasts, Incent is here to deliver outstanding, and memorable events.


by Incent

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